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It's been my honor and privilege to serve as your Probate Judge for Cobb County since January of 2009.

The Cobb County Probate Court has continued to operate through an expansion of probate jurisdiction, a dramatic increase in population, a pandemic, as well as successful development and implementation of a new case management system. Despite all of these challenges, we received the (CJP exceptional clearance award) from Georgia's Administrative Office of Courts.

My commitment to increased access and transparency began with some of the earliest online access to records. It continues today with a dedication to electronic filing and remote access to the court's processes. With your help, the Court will continue our efforts to be accessible, fair, professional, and compassionate.

I appreciate the support from Cobb County, the legal community, and those who interact with our court. I do not take that support for granted. I must earn it every day. I ask for your support and your vote on May 21st so we can keep doing the work to improve the Cobb County Probate Court.

-Kelli Wolk

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