Republican Kelli Wolk for Cobb Country Probate Judge
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Republican Kelli Wolk for Cobb Country Probate Judge

     Most people donít learn about the Probate Court until they need it. The primary function of the Probate Court is to oversee the proper establishment and administration of estates and guardianships. The Probate Court also issues weapons carry permits, fireworks permits, and marriage licenses. While it is not as well known as other courts, the Probate Court has gained more notoriety from some of the proceedings related to Michael Jackson's estate and the guardianship of Britney Spears. Probate Judges do not deal with murder cases or high profile divorces. They do deal with complex issues that occur at some of the most unfortunate, emotionally charged and difficult moments in a person's life. Whether it is settling the affairs after the death of family member or friend, realizing that a guardianship is necessary because a person can no longer take care of him or herself, or trying to deal with other mental health issues, the Probate Court is where you turn. Think of it as the emergency room of the court system.

     As you can imagine, Probate Judges need a strong familiarity with probate and elder law, but they also need to possess strong interpersonal skills since cases often involve emotional issues. I think that I have these qualities and, importantly, I was one of very few Cobb County attorneys who practiced exclusively in probate and elder law for the ten years before taking office as Probate Judge.

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